The strange case of Roc Schach

Lab by Ona Bros

Inspired by Rorschach, a comic book character with a masked face, we analysed how political constructions around body are articulated, especially those ones mediated by technology. Throughout the laboratory, each participant wrote down the concepts that were most relevant for them in a phrenological drawing of the brain. Afterwards, we cut out these concepts, leaving empty spaces and creating a template that we used on a stocking to make our Rorschach mask. For one week, each participant used this mask as a device to perform agency and deactivate political constructions around the body exercised by technology in different contexts, such as social networks or mobile applications, which we all shared during the second and last session.

Ona Bros
Ona aspires to play with rigor, as she did when she was five years old. She likes to watch, question and sometimes produce images. She is interested in twisted movements, such as thinking on images from the performance or other views. She wonders about the relationships between bodies, policies and documentary practices. Ona always learns with others, this is the reason why sometimes she teaches and is always part of collective projects.