Grab has proposed to five emerging visual artists, born or residents in Spain, to work in an audio-visual piece. Each video will take as its starting point the five issues around which the conferences and laboratories will be revolved. The work will be available on this page once released.


THINKING | November
María de la O Garrido
Duration: 2,41 min
Year: 2016
Realization, editing: María de la O Garrido
Audio: collaboration with Daniel McCarthy

Description: Make rhizomes, not roots, never plant! … don’t be one or multiple, be multiplicities. Run lines, never plot a point.

Ariane, the overexposed model
Laura Tabarés
Duration: 3,24 min
Year: 2016
Realization and editing: Laura Tabarés
Sound design: Celer Gutierrez Dávila

Description: “Ariane, the overexposed model” tries to generate a fictional dystopia based on a real one. One day I realized that a woman was chasing me wherever I went. Supermarkets, herbalists, dentists, clothing stores, Internet. This is my sceptical tribute to Ariane, known in the networks as “The overexposed model”.

BODY | January
From the belly of the beast
Sandra Torras
Duration: 1,55 min
Year: 2016/2017
Realization and editing: Sandra Torras
Rendenring: Iban Fuente
Body: Mireia Pascual

Description: “From the belly of the beast” aims to challenge and problematize established canons around body; at the same time, seeks to (de)objectify and to (de)phalluscentre the feminine body.

Florencia Aliberti
Duration: 8 min
Year: 2017
Realization and editing: Florencia Aliberti

Description: The images of travelers and tourists that travel the world flood social networks. In a homogenization of the travelling experience and under the aesthetics of the self-stick, we can find countless videos of users from virtually anywhere telling of their passage through this device. #Israel is built from travel videos of a group of youtubers who have thousands of followers in their networks. It is a work in progress that explores why and for what these images are produced and what scope they can have beyond the experience they narrate.

Guim Ayora
Duration: 4:19
Year: 2017
Realization and editing: Guim Ayora

Description: An accumulation of digital aesthetics. I have used the culture of the videoclip that inspires me so much, to present a sum of visual styles of the current internet aesthetics. The piece itself ends up being a moodboard of all those manipulation processes that I would like to learn.